Senator Ed Hernandez believes the debate about climate change is over and that our planet is at a critical crossroads when it comes to addressing this global crisis. As a member of the California State Legislature, he’s supported the state’s forward-thinking efforts to tackle the issue head on, as well as championing environmental justice legislation that deals with local sources of pollution and contamination. That’s why Senator Ed Hernandez:

Supported California’s pioneering SB 350, one of the most progressive and innovative environmental protection laws in American history.

Voted to invest more in renewable energy, including wind and solar, to curb pollution, spur incentives for economic growth in the clean tech economy, and protect our environment.

Championed investment in public transit, light rail systems, and projects that ease traffic congestion to reduce pollution from cars and improve air quality in our local communities.

Put forward legislation that allows critical groundwater cleanup operations to continue, and fought successfully for funding in the water bond to help with the cleanup effort.

Is working with other legislators to address contaminated drinking water issues throughout California, and ways to hold polluters accountable for the cleanup.

Helped pass a historic water bond that provides billions to improve water quality and California’s water infrastructure.

Advanced smart drought reducing policies that improve water infrastructure, water conservation and water sustainability for the state, including stormwater capture, gray water solutions, and conservation incentives.

Supported the extension of California’s greenhouse gas reduction targets through 2030.