Throughout his time in public office, Senator Ed Hernandez has always put public safety first. He believes that without safe neighborhoods and communities, kids can’t go to school, businesses can’t thrive, and our regional economies grind to a halt. That’s why Senator Ed Hernandez:

Has always worked to ensure our public safety agencies, including firefighters, law enforcement, emergency responders, and paramedics have the resources and tools they need to do their job and keep our neighborhoods safe and secure.

Fought to protect the hard-earned retirement and benefits of public safety personnel who put their lives on the lines every day, because promises made need to be promises kept.

Worked to curb senseless gun violence and promote responsible gun ownership by supporting common-sense gun safety laws that regulate ammunition, ban high capacity magazines, close the “bullet button” loophole, and restrict access to assault weapons.

Supports increasing investment in after-school programs and summer job programs for at-risk youth to keep kids off the streets, out of gangs, and away from trouble.

Authored legislation that guaranteed the families of officers injured in the line of duty who much later succumb to those injuries can still collect survivor’s benefits.

Introduced legislation banning the sale of the dangerous chemical compound drugs known collectively as “Spice.”